Piping Providers and Welding Experts - Rich in Tradition

Carl Hamm has been in the steel and pipeline component business for nearly 90 years. Our vast experience in fabrication of piping systems, components and welded connections is yours to profit from. But past accomplishments do not cloud our vision to the future and the need to move forward with cutting-edge technologies and innovative engineering. As we see it, this combined approach is our customers' assurance of state-of-the-art solutions and knowledgeable technical support.

Our Areas of Expertise

There are many suppliers to choose from in the piping and steel components sector. Unlike others offering only standard solutions, Carl Hamm goes a step further. We offer custom-engineered components and integrated systems for your plant or project, fabricated in our plant with uncompromising quality. Our customers get the complete package - including initial conception, design, manufacturing, prefabrication and, last but not least, timely delivery - with single-source responsibility.

Serving a Wide Range of Industrial Sectors 

Our expertly engineered piping products and custom-developed solutions are used in a broad range of industries. Although originally supplied mainly to the mining industry, our welding expertise and pipeline solutions are now in great demand in highly diverse fields including industrial manufacturing, chemicals processing, groundwater management, tunnel construction, power plants and energy supply. The word is out: if you need high-quality piping and custom-manufactured fittings, Carl Hamm is the place to come.

Broad Selection of Products and Accessories

Pipes, connections and fittings are the core of our product portfolio. The vast selection of products we offer makes it easy to find the right solution for the problem at hand. Whether it's collar pipes you need or flanged pipes, rolled-groove pipes, high-pressure piping or mining shaft pipes: we can provide assistance and advice for optimum project realisation. We also offer a broad range of innovative corrosion protection coatings for prolonged service life of piping and fittings.