Machine Type Technical Data
Bridge cranes Each with 5 t lifting capacity 
Forklift trucks 1.8 t to 6 t lifting capacity
Heavy-duty roller conveyors up to 10 t capacity
Computer-controlled hard-stamp marking systems
Computer-controlled inkjet marking systems
CNC lathesMaximum turning diameter 500 mm
Maximum turning length 800 mm
Universal lathes / conventional controlMaximum turning diameter 1000 mm
NC milling machines1000 x 600 x 600 mm traverse paths
Vertical processing centre1000 x 600 x 600 mm traverse paths
Tank rotary stand DN 500 to DN 3000 turning diameter 10 t load capacity
MAG welding unitsup to 400 A
Rotary welding mountsup to DN 1400
Semi-automatic pipe welding systemsup to DN 1400 lengths to 16 m
SAW welding unitsup to 1000 A – dual-wire process
Fully automated pipe welding systemup to DN 200
lengths to 12 m
integrated stand for hydraulic testing to 600 bar
WIG welding units with cold wire infeed 
Orbital welding device with open weld head and turntable60.3 to 275 mm
Band saw up to DN 500
CNC plasma / oxy-torch pipe cutting unit up to DN 1500
Programmable band saws up to DN 400
Computer-aided 2C foaming machine for PU foam insulation, includes preheating conveyor oven
Sand blasting unit  
Multi-roll bending machines bending capacity up to 20 mm max. bending length 2.5 m with conical bending capability
Hydraulic pressure test stand for expansion compensators and fittings, hydraulic force capacity up to 320 t
Incoming Product QC
Scanning arm FaroArm Fusion, 3.7 m working radius, 7 axis
Spectral analyser