Rolled-Groove Pipe

Grooved coupling systems have been used in pipe connections for over 100 years. Both pipe ends to be connected incorporate a groove which is dimensioned to mate with the coupling. The groove is rolled into the pipe surface by cold deformation (rolled groove) or machined out of the pipe by milling (cut groove). In the case of the milled groove version, it is normally fabricated by machining a milled groove ring which is then welded onto the pipe.

The dimensions of standard rolled groove connections are the same for most commonly used brands (e.g. the Victaulic OGS Original Groove System). In the event our pipes are to be joined to rolled and cut groove products with manufacturer-specific dimensions (e.g. AGS ® Advanced Groove System and StrengthinTM  from Victaulic), compatibility must be confirmed in advance.

The systems are available with a wide range of fittings and accessories including elbows, tees, slide valves and transition pieces for Perrot couplings, flanges, threadings, etc. Grooved coupling systems are used in highly diverse applications such as heating and cooling systems in buildings, sprinkler and fire extinguishing systems (VdS and FM-certified), drinking water supply lines, tunnel construction, industrial and chemical plants, reverse osmosis units and  filtration. The most common materials of construction for groove-coupled products are steel (with or without linings or coatings) and stainless steel. 


The brochures shown below provide more information on the wide range of connection technologies we offer.

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