Products and Services for Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Processing 

In chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing, high-quality piping is an essential difference-maker for efficiency and safety – both in production facilities and R&D pilot lines. The diversity of pipes and connections used in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing is enormous. Carl Hamm offers a wide product portfolio for these sectors including heavy-duty high pressure piping, versatile stainless steel connections, insulated cooling water pipes and expertly designed pipeline accessories. Along with individual components, we also provide the development and fabrication know-how required for custom-designed system solutions meeting your plant's specific retrofit or upgrade requirements. Our nearly 90 years in the business are your assurance of pipe systems with highest reliability and performance.

The Problem Solvers for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Process Piping

Whether you need standard or tailor-made piping and components or require a custom-designed turnkey system, we meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Whether you need collar pipes, flanged pipes, rolled-groove pipes or high pressure pipes, we can supply them along with the required connections and fittings, specifically designed for use in chemical and pharmaceutical production processes. While Carl Hamm pipe products are available in any desired material of construction, the preferred materials in most applications are normally steel or stainless steel.

Advanced Coatings for Highest Safety and Long Service Life

We offer a wide variety of advanced coatings which enhance corrosion resistance and durability of pipes and fittings. Our surface protection portfolio includes powder coats, wet film coats, galvanisation, cement mortar lining, epoxy resin coats, polyethylene coats, bituminous sheathing and many other options. Carl Hamm components are available with corrosion protection optimised specifically for the intended application. The result: superb reliability and long service life. Should you have questions or require technical support concerning these coating options, please feel free to contact us in this regard.