Drinking Water Supply

Superb Quality for Reliable Drinking Water Supply 

Drinking water is our most valuable natural resource, something which none of us can go without. In the modern industrialised world, even a brief interruption of water supply can cause major problems. Quality requirements for pipes, connections and other components in drinking water lines are accordingly strict. As an established supplier of products for drinking water line construction, we carry out all development and manufacturing activities with an uncompromising focus on highest product quality and reliability. We offer our customers a wide range of technologically advanced piping, fittings and connections which pave the way to secure and reliable drinking water supply.

Pipe Systems, Coatings and Connections: Ready for the Challenges of the Future

Ensuring superb performance and reliability now and far into the future, Carl Hamm provides a wide selection of time-proven materials, outstanding processing quality, a broad range of protective coatings and other options. These can be combined as required to ensure long service life of pipes and fittings in the intended application environment. Included in our coating portfolio are high-quality cement mortar lining by in-house processes, epoxy-resin based thick-film coats and hot-dip galvanisation with certified drinking water safety. Innovative connection technologies are available to enhance on-site flexibility and ensure long service life of installed piping systems. Flange connections, which rank among the most widely used connection technologies, are offered as well. Carl Hamm piping and components are available in carbon steel or stainless steel and in any required dimensions and/or design versions for drinking water supply lines. 

A Tradition of Quality: Our Experience in Drinking Water Supply

Our experience in development and fabrication of piping, fittings and other components for drinking water lines and similar application sectors covers many decades. After starting out as a pipe manufacturer and supplier to the mining industry, we quickly expanded our know-how and resources to serve the water supply and energy supply sectors as well. Our know-how gathered in nearly 90 years as a supplier of pipes and related products is yours to profit from.

Wastewater Lines


Wastewater removal systems are only as good as the piping and components used to make them. Highest quality is required with no compromises. Whether the wastewater transported is used return process water, polluted industrial effluents or soil-contaminated runoff from agricultural fields, the right system is required for the problem at hand. We provide complete solutions – fabricated from piping and components in coated, carbon or stainless steel – ensuring reliable operation and long service life.

A Wealth of Experience in Wastewater Removal

Customers benefit from our over 90 years' experience in development and fabrication of high-performance piping systems for wastewaters of all kinds. Recognised as experts on an international scale, we have the know-how and technologies required to do the job right. Our products ensure successful operation of pipe systems for wastewaters from diverse sources including water management, power generation and structural drainage. We can supply the piping, fittings and other components for your system or can offer a turnkey solution – including conceptual design, fabrication and on-time delivery to your worksite – developed and designed to your specifications. Component groups are prefabricated as subassemblies in our works wherever possible to speed up and facilitate installation.

Certified Quality for Highest Reliability

Highest quality is required in wastewater pipe products to ensure compliance with ever-stricter laws and regulations in the environmental sector. Dependable operation and long service life are certain only if the piping and other components are made from high-grade materials in reliable production processes under continuous quality control. This applies to all wastewater pipe systems including connecting lines, collection lines, standpipes and underground lines as well as their connections and fittings. At Carl Hamm, this is ensured by high staff training and motivation, comprehensive procedural qualifications and our ISO-certified manufacturing and quality control system. And, since this superb quality is realised using in-house machinery and resources, it is available with quick delivery times, helping you avoid costly delays and downtime.


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