Pipeline Solutions for Reliable and Efficient Energy Supply

High-quality pipe sections, lines and connections play are essential components in energy supply plants and systems of all types. In the renewable energy sector and in particular geothermal power generation, the expertise of experienced pipeline and component suppliers is in high demand. Our proven pipeline and connection technologies provide the basis for dependable supply of sustainable energy over decades. In applications requiring enhanced corrosion resistance, this is realised by one of many available solutions in our surface coating portfolio.

Wide-Ranging Expertise for Individual Products to Turnkey Solutions

Energy providers benefit from our design and engineering services as well as our individual components and turnkey pipeline systems. Included here are standard and custom-fabricated pipes and components as well as our planning and development expertise for pipelines and connection technologies. Planning and development are of prime importance in the geothermal power sector where systems must often be tailor made to individual requirements. In addition we offer energy providers knowledgeable technical support and advice regarding applicable standards and regulations for pipeline construction and safety.

Products and Know-How Backed by Decades of Experience

Our success in development and fabrication of advanced pipes, components, connections and surface coatings for energy supply systems comes from experience. For nearly 90 years, Carl Hamm has been recognised as a respected supplier in the pipeline sector. Customers benefit from our design and development know-how, manufacturing precision and extensive machinery line-up. Our commitment to excellence in materials, personnel and procedures is documented by numerous manufacturing and quality certifications.