Industrial piping systems are expected to provide uncompromising reliability even under tough and varying service conditions. In many cases this cannot be achieved using standard pipe products: Custom components and systems are often required to meet the specific requirements at hand. For this reason, engineers designing industrial piping systems look to Carl Hamm and the wealth of experience we offer. Users enjoy the benefits of our manufacturing expertise as well as our development and design capabilities for personalised piping, connections and fittings. Having served the industry for nearly 90 years, we know your needs. Our products are available in a broad selection with rapid delivery times, meeting and exceeding requirements in wide-ranging industrial applications.

The Problem Solvers in Industrial Piping Systems

Carl Hamm offers piping and fittings for industrial applications in a variety of materials of construction. Carbon steel and stainless steel are the two materials most commonly used. Our product portfolio comprises a broad range of designs including collar pipes, flanged pipes and rolled-groove pipes as well as high-pressure pipes. We offer fittings in accordance with national and international standards as well as custom fittings created to customer specifications. Along with pipes and fittings, another strongpoint in our expertise spectrum is development and fabrication of high-performance connections including our ZSM high-tensile restrained socket joints, flange connections and quick coupling systems. 

Protective Coatings for Superb Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel pipes and components are known for outstanding physical strength and ruggedness. However in certain industrial applications, they require corrosion-resistant coatings or finishes to achieve prolonged service life. We offer a wide range of advanced protective technologies including polyethylene sheathing, wet coatings, powder coatings, galvanisation, bitumen sheathing, cement mortar lining as well as tough epoxy-resin based coatings. Working with nearly 9 decades' experience in the business, Carl Hamm knows the pipe and component designs and fabrication processes which will perform best in your specific application.

Plant Comstruction


Industrial plants and facilities are constructed using many different kinds of piping to meet diverse process requirements. High-pressure piping and thermally insulated pipe-in-pipe cooling water lines play indispensable roles in many modern plants. Collar pipes, flanged pipes and rolled groove pipes in standard and custom-designed versions fulfil essential functions in plant design. Carl Hamm offers all of these pipe technologies and more – backed by expert technical support and single-source responsibility

Benefit From Our Decades of Experience in the Industry

As certified welding specialists for carbon, low-alloy and high-alloy steels we are no strangers to the world of metals processing. We put this know-how to good use in fabrication of high-quality pipes, fittings and related components for installation in plants and industrial facilities of all types. Whether you require standard or custom-designed components or complete turn-key systems, we have the expertise and experience to do the job right. Starting with conceptual design and continuing all the way through to fabrication and installation, we support you throughout your project. Our technical staff uses your visions and specifications to design optimised pipes and systems which are fabricated with highest precision in our extensive machinery line-up. Before leaving our plant, these products must pass rigorous nondestructive testing by qualified QC technicians. Third-party inspection is carried out as required by TÜV, DNV GL or other testing institutions.

Corrosion Protection Expertise = Long Service Life

Along with our pipe manufacturing know-how and innovative connection technologies, we also offer expertise in the area of high-performance anticorrosive coatings. Available in a variety of materials and application processes, our protective coatings substantially prolong service life of pipes and fittings in corrosive environments. The coating options offered include PE sheathing, galvanisation, powder coating and epoxy resin coats. Cement mortar lining is another time-proven anticorrosion technology which is ideally suited for protection of plant piping used for water transport.


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