Our Solutions for the Mining Industry

In the mining industry, pipe systems, couplings and accessories are of vital importance. The quality requirements for shaft tubes, flange joints and other components in the mining sector are equally high. Offering state-of-the-art technologies for open-pit and underground applications, we develop and fabricate pipe sections, connections and other components which withstand the toughest challenges mining has to offer - day in and day out. 

The Problem Solvers in the Mining Sector 

In the mining business, high-quality piping systems must perform a variety of important tasks. Rugged steel shaft liners with superb strength and integrity are required for fresh air and water supply to underground excavation points and also for dependable delivery of mixed concrete or mortar to shaft closure locations. Ventilation and dewatering lines for transport of exhaust air, hazardous gases and excess ground water to the surface are equally important. High-pressure pipelines are necessary to provide reliable water supply to underground consumption points. Connections in mining piping systems must also fulfil exacting requirements. We offer the full spectrum of modern connection technologies – including flange connections in standard or personalised designs, our ZSM connections (high-tensile restrained socket joints) as well as specially developed custom solutions. Anti-buckling braces also make up part of our product portfolio for the mining sector.

Technical Data:

(Standard range)

Dimensions: DN 100 - DN 500 Nominal Pressure rating: up to PN 160