Whatever you need to construct turnkey pipeline systems, we can provide it. We supply the pipe sections, prefabricated spools and other required components – whether in carbon steel, stainless steel or other materials – to make piping of any desired type for industrial processes, civil engineering works, tunnel construction, mining operations, drinking water supply, wastewater removal, power plants or other application sectors. For nearly 90 years we have provided high-quality piping and components to contractors and pipe product distributors. Building from this experience, we offer a true one-stop shop where you get the right material, the right connection and the right product with highest dimensional accuracy and superb quality and reliability. Our pipe sections, connections and fittings are available in accordance with national or international standards or custom-designed to your specifications, with or without corrosion protection finishes. In short, we supply exactly what you need – with single-source responsibility.

Innovative Connections for Advanced Pipeline Systems

Our development of new connection technologies and adaptation of existing connection methods provide big benefits in pipeline design. In many cases these advances are sparked by specific projects or enquires submitted by our customers. Flange connections, for instance, are an established connection technology which has been in use for many years worldwide. Using advanced machining technologies, we can increase their applications versatility by contouring their sealing surfaces in precise accordance with process requirements. Our new and ongoing development of high tensile-strength restrained socket joints opens up completely new possibilities with regard to fluids conveyed, internal pressure, axial strength, installation configurations, etc. etc. We offer connection technologies which are adaptable to specific customer requirements, e.g. to reduce installation and disassembly times if required.

High-Performance Coatings for Top-Notch Corrosion Resistance

Steel piping, whether fabricated in carbon or stainless steel, can be enhanced for specific applications by selected coating technologies. The coating, which must be carefully chosen for the conditions at hand, prolongs service life and improves the application suitability of the product coated. Internal cement-mortar lining can be used to upgrade carbon steel piping for reliable long-term use in drinking water supply lines. Outer polyethylene sheathing on underground water lines provides reliable protection against damage from corrosive soil components. Outer fibre-cement sheathing protects pipes securely against physical impact as required, for instance at  mountainous installation sites. Further coating options include powder coating, galvanisation and wet coatings, each providing specific benefits in certain service environments.


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