As in other application fields, in the tunnel construction sector the Carl Hamm name is synonymous with pipes and fittings of the highest quality. We offer tunnel builders a broad range of in-house fabricated pipe sections and fittings – including versions for horizontal or vertical line configurations and any desired connection technologies. Our products are backed up by knowledgeable technical support – for instance, advice on the best connection for a specific application ¬– based on our decades of experience e.g. in the underground mining sector.

The Complete Package for Smooth Tunnel Construction

Piping systems are the lifelines of a tunnel jobsite and are of prime importance for its successful execution. We offer both new and used pipe sections in all common dimensions. Pipe sections used in tunnel construction normally incorporate integrated end connections, for example rolled-groove or welded sleeve with cut groove. Flanged pipes are suitable for tunnel applications as well or in fact pipes with any other desired type of integrated connection. Our couplings are produced by well-known manufacturers and carry certifications from respected certifying institutes. The standard fittings we offer are normally fabricated in steel or cast iron. Should you require custom fittings, we can fabricate them efficiently and with minimum lead time using our in-house welding shop. We can also assist in design of your fitting and create technical drawings of your fitting if desired. And, if you have used pipes that are no longer needed from jacking operations or other sources, let us know and we can take them off your hands for an attractive price.

Materials of Construction and Protective Coatings

In fabrication, we process only pipes and fittings with certified suitability for use in pressure piping. We can provide corresponding test certificates for each pipe section upon request.

Certain intended applications and service environments may require use of one of our corrosive protection coating options for prolonged service life of pipe sections and fittings. The coating technology most commonly used in the tunnel sector is hot-dip galvanisation. The pipes and fittings may also require abrasion protection coatings in some cases.


The brochures shown below provide more information on our extensive portfolio of products, technologies and services.

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