Carl Hamm - For Expertly Engineered Systems and Components

Carl Hamm offers a wide range of advanced piping components and solutions which solve problems in pipeline construction. The product portfolio we offer goes beyond pipes in many different materials and designs, including as well pipe connections, fittings and specialised coatings.


Pipes and Connections Personalised to Your Specifications

Custom-engineered components and systems are "make or break" prerequisites for modern pipelines and associated equipment for industrial, water supply, water management, chemicals or mining applications. Along with the broad variety of standard products and solutions in our portfolio, we also offer personalised components and systems which are expertly developed and fabricated to customer's specifications. 

Besides our in-house manufactured components, we also offer products from selected outside manufacturers, e.g. the Tyco/Grinnell portfolio. Known internationally for high-quality pipe connections of all types, the Tyco/Grinnell brand provides a meaningful enhancement of our product portfolio. 

The piping and pipe connections we offer are available in all common materials and type classifications used in modern installations. While steel and stainless steel are the most common materials of construction, a number of other materials are also available. 

Whether it's flanges or collar pipes you need or high-pressure pipes, shaft liner pipes, rolled-groove pipes or thermally insulated pipe-in-pipe systems: we offer an extremely wide product range to cover a broad variety of applications. Corrosion protection can be ensured by any of a number of high-performance coating systems including galvanisation, epoxy resin or PE sheathing, powder or wet coats and cement mortar lining. 

Fast and Reliable Supply

We maintain large inventories of pipes, fittings, couplings and replacement parts. This ensures rapid and dependable delivery of the products you need to keep your facilities and systems up and running. These extensive product stocks, processed with our in-house machinery line-up, enable us to supply individual components, production series and custom-fabricated designs with short lead times in accordance with your needs. We take pride in our flexibility and problem-solving expertise and do whatever it takes to support you and ensure your satisfaction.