Perrot Cardan Quick Couplings

Several years ago, we expanded our product portfolio by adding the Perrot product line, a range of high-quality quick couplings used with pipes and fittings in groundwater management, tunnel construction and other fields.

We offer Perrot couplings on pipe sections up to 6 m in length and on all common fittings including elbows and tees.

We can also provide Perrot-coupling equipped valves including slide valves, non-return valves and similar designs.

Our entire portfolio of Perrot-coupling equipped products is shown in the Product List in the Download section of this website. This product range is rounded off by in-house manufactured adapters for various connections including grooved and threaded connections, Storz couplings and flanges. 


The brochures shown below provide more information on our extensive portfolio of connection technologies.

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