Go With The Experts 

Many considerations and parameters must be taken into account in design of piping systems and industrial plants.  They must do the job required of them today ¬and, in addition, their design must permit adaptation and expansion in response to future challenges. A task like this with multiple yardsticks for success – such as reliability, quality and long service life – is best entrusted to an experienced specialist such as Carl Hamm. For almost 90 years we have developed and created system solutions which are used in plants and facilities of all types worldwide. This experience is yours to profit from.

Know-How and Products to Meet Your Needs

Creating a smoothly operating and efficient system from pipe segments, couplings, fittings and other components requires utmost technical expertise and skilled innovation. We offer our customers both – on the drawing board as well as in actual practice. Our piping products are used in a wide range of sectors including pit pipes in the mining sector, high-pressure pipes for laboratories, insulated pipe-in-pipe systems for cooling water transport and many others. In-house developments such as our patented ZSM connection, a restrained socket joint with outstanding tensile strength, ensure workhorse reliability even under tough field conditions. Our systems solutions can be made from standard products or, if required, from custom products created specifically for the application at hand. Along with dependable low-maintenance operation, long service life and compact construction, our system solutions provide users numerous other benefits including ease of assembly and disassembly. 

System Solutions for All Application Fields 

Our system solutions for advanced piping systems and connections are used in an extensive range of application sectors. These include industrial plants, mining, water and wastewater transport, energy supply as well as chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Whether you are constructing power stations, processing plants, tunnels or building service systems, Carl Hamm is your expert supplier for integrated system solutions of all types.