Central Pump Station

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Numerous certificates and approvals give you the security that applicable rules and regulations are observed throughout the entire production processes.

Our product range is focused on above and below-ground applications in water and waste water management, the power industries, tunnel construction, well sinking, domestic installations and mining.

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The concept of a „central pump station“ has been used all over the world to supply the hydraulic face support with HFA fluid for many years. In principle, this concept involves the use of rapid-action connecting lines to transport the hydraulic fluid over several kilometres without major pressure losses.

More and more projects are being implemented where a „central pump station“ supplies HFA fluid to several faces at the same time. As a result, even greater cost savings can be achieved. Moreover, this concept is also installed to supply cooling water and combat dust at the face.

The transport of hydraulic fluid is not the only use for this system. It is also suitable for the transport of concrete, water, spraying lines and other applications outside the mining industry.

The High Pressure system is a product of Carl Hamm, which has been operating successfully in the mining industry for over 90years. Our high-quality products are recognized throughout the world.

The High Pressure System is used for the entire emulsion circuit:

  • As a supply line from the pump station to the hydraulic system
  • As a return line from the hydraulic system to the pump chamber

Every project starts with the planning of the volume and pressurerequirements and the preliminary planning of the pipe routing.

The second stage involves calculating the pressure losses and determining the optimum nominal sizes to achieve the performance required. The final stage comprises the detailed planning; valves are positioned and the routing adapted to suit local conditions / peculiarities. The entire procedure is coordinated with the customer and, if necessary, a site tour is also not a problem.

Efficiency, quality and safety are not just empty words for us. As we are aware of our responsibility, we test 100% of our tubes and fittings with a cold-water-pressure test.

Design:union nut with hammer cam
Pressure:up to 420 bar
Mounting:quick assembling without special tools
Area of use:route, supply line
Medium:hydraulic fluid, concrete 
Design:two-part clamp
Pressure:up to 125 bar
Mounting:clamp coupling
Area of use:

return line, water supply

Medium:hydraulic fluid, water 
Design:milled union nut
Pressure:up to 420 bar
Mounting:quick assembling with special tools
Installation:horizontal and vertical
Area of use:route, shaft, supply line
Medium:hydraulic fluid, concrete
Special:lock ring to protect against opening

Special Solutions

Together with our customers, we develop solutions for special challenges, such as bridges for cross-roads, distribution stations for building materials and fluids, including metering fittings, which ensure continuous monitoring of the plant as well as complete piping of a pump station according to a given geometry.

Everything from one source

To offer optimum solutions, we apply to our experience from over 90 years in the mining industry. We ensure to support our customers in all phases of their projects.


  • Budget planning on the basis of your information (see adjacent table)
  • Planning of a pipeline including all components required
  • Preparation of the overview and detail drawings 
  • Destructive tensile testing
  • Professional production of the complete pipeline using the in-house process – according to the specific manufacturing and test sequence plan
  • Non-destructive tests of the welds
  • Worldwide shipment
  • Support during assembly


  1. Installation situation
  2. Pipeline length 
  3. Individual pipe length 
  4. Inner diameter
  5. System pressure
  6. Discharge
  7. Corrosion protection
  8. Data from safety concept/regulatory requirements

Quality management

We work in certified accordance with a QM system which has been in place since 1997. The system was expanded to include our development and design activities in the year 2010.

We are certified as qualified welding provider. This certification is verified by periodic inspections confirming compliance with stringent national and international standards.

Our certificates, third-party certifications (from DNV GL and others), welding procedure qualifications and our highly qualified production and QA personnel are your assurance of consistently high quality.


Quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Quality requirements for welding DIN EN ISO 3834-3
Manufacturing and associated testing AD 2000 HP0
In-house quality control EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2001
Fabrication of steel structures

EN 1090-2

EC declaration of conformity CE marking of pressure equipment

Welding procedure qualification

DIN EN ISO 15641-1
Testing of welders/welding personnel DIN EN 287-1 and DIN EN 1418
NDT (RT, PT, MT, VT) DIN EN 473 – Level 2


Realised High Pressure projects since 2011
Jushkuzbassugol (Russia)Alardinskaja, Jubilejnaja, Uskovskaja (Russia)
Caterpillar (Germany)Bogdanka (Poland)
CHP (Poland)Budrik (Poland)
Demir Export A.S. (Turkey)Eynez East (Turkey)
Caterpillar (Germany)Kasachstanskaja (Kazakhstan)
SUEK (Russia)Komsomolez, Kotinskaja, Taldinskaja1, Taldinskaja2, Rubana, Kirova (Russia)
SU Karagailinskoe (Russia)Karagailinskaja (Russia)
Ostroj (Czechia)Mikare (Mexico)
Alrosa (Russia)Mirny (Russia)
Sibuglemet (Russia)Polosuchinskaja (Russia)
Donezksteel (Ukraine)Pokrovskoj (Ukraine)
Sibirskij Delovoj Sojuz (Russia)Salek, Listvjaschnaja (Russia)
Famur (Poland)Taldinskaja-Kjrgaiskaja (Russia)
Kopex (Poland)Vladimirskaja (Russia)
Severstahl (Russia)Zapoljarnaja, Komsomolskaja, Vorkutinskaja, 
Vorgashovskaja, Severnaja (Russia)


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