Carl Hamm ZSM Connection

The tight sleeve connection – ZSM – is an axial non-positive and detachable pipe connection. Used as a vertical riser pipe in open pit and underground mines as well as in deep wells.

Our patent-protected tight sleeve system is a unique alternative to other conventional connection systems due to its quick and easy assembly/disassembly and space-saving design. All of this ensures considerable cost savings through the whole life cycle.

Carl Hamm ZSM in underground mining



The ZSM Connection excels owing to its cost-effectiveness, especially when used with high-performance submersible pumps.

Here it shows off its system advantages of time-saving assembly and disassembly.

In confined installation situations the low installation dimensions of the ZSM Technology allow optimised pipe diameters.

The easy disassembly of the pipes allows to change a pump quickly. Downtimes due to maintenance and repairs are reduced to a minimum. 

Realized projects with the Carl Hamm ZSM connection since 1998

Carl Hamm ZSM in deep-well sinking



The ZSM Technology has been used for more than 20 years in German brown coal open-pit mining to manage the groundwater level. Especially in well galleries with a high amount of interconnected wells the advantages of the ZSM-connection are emphasized.

The frequent pump changes – due to high solids content of the pumped medium and the moving open-pit – can be executed much faster because of the very short assembly and disassembly times.


The low installation dimensions of the connection allow higher pipe diameters. As a result, lower velocity can be achieved at the same pump capacity by even enlarging the system effi ciency. Also this ensures a substantial extension of the service life of a pipeline and the pump used.

The ZSM Technology is also very popular for applications in irrigation projects with deep wells, especially due to the advantage of the low installation dimensions and short installation time and its resultant benefits.

Your One-Stop Shop

We supply ready-to-install ZSM pipelines.

To offer optimum solutions, we apply to our experience from over 90 years in the mining industry. We ensure to support our customers in all phases of their projects.

Our services:

  • Budget planning on the basis of your information
  • Planning of a pipeline including all components required.
  • Static calculations 
  • Preparation of the overview and detail drawings.
  • Design of the ZSM Components on the basis of the specific requirements
  • Destructive tensile testing of the ZSM Components
  • Professional production of the complete pipeline using the in-house process – according to the specific manufacturing and test sequence plan.
  • Inside and outside coating systems.
  • Non-destructive tests of the welds.
  • Worldwide shipment
  • Support during assembly.

In Accordance with Project requirement, ZSM Pipelines can be fabricated in: 

  • Carbon steels (e.g. P355 ff)
  • Stainless steels (e.g. 1.4571)
  • Duplex steels (e.g. 1.4462)

Budget planning on the basis of your information (details required):

  1. Installation situation
  2. Pipeline length
  3. Individual pipe length 
  4. Diameter/dimensions
  5. Weight of pump/motor/cable
  6. Pump feed pressure
  7. Spacing of intermediate support points
  8. Corrosion protection
  9. Details of the safety concept (official specifications)


Realized major projects in german mining since 2002
Customer/PlantDN m
EON/Huntorf power station500  3 x 700 m
K+S/Esco Werk Braunschweig 200 480 m
RAG/Amalie350 3 x 900 m
RAG/Auguste Victoria350 800 m
RAG/Camphausen 250 800 m
RAG/Carolinenglück 500 2 x 830 m
RAG/Carolinenglück500 2 x 950 m
RAG/Concordia300 3 x 1050 m
RAG/DSK Ibbenbüren DN 500 600 m
RAG/Duhamel DN 1400 5 x 585 m
RAG/Heinrich DN 500 4 x 485 m
RAG/Prosper DN 350 2 x 800 m
RAG/Rob. Müser DN 350 2 x 600 m
RAG/Rossenray DN 400 1050 m
RAG/Saar DN 400 1000 m
RAG/Walsum DN 300 3 x 830 m
RAG/Zollverein DN 500 2 x 1050 m
Major projects implemented in international mining since 2010
Customer/Plant Dimensions Total length
USA/Atlanta DN 750 4 x 85 m
USA/Las Vegas DN 800 135 m
Zambia/Kanshansi DN 400 400 m
Russia/Alrosa DN 250 3 x 550 m
South Africa/Johannesburg DN 400 7 x ca. 400 m
Congo/Kipushi DN 300 400 m
Poland/Copper Mining FacilityDN 350 2 x 1000 m